Week Sauce A Chill Game Jam for
People with Busy Lives

Why another game jam?

Although there are many great game jams out there, sometimes it is difficult for people to try them out because of:

We made Week Sauce for the people that want an easy, laid-back way to practice making games, get better at their craft, get out of a rut or a creative block, and try new things without fear.

How does it work?

Discord and itch.io

Although doing the jam on your own is completely acceptable, you may want to join our communities in both itch.io and Discord.

itch.io provides you with a place to submit your games independent of platform choice, play each other's submissions, join the jam on a month by month basis following the announced theme, get in touch with other itch creators, and even charge for your finished games.

You can join our latest itch.io Week Sauce jam here:

Our Discord server is the best place to talk about your project, get help while developing it, find a team to collaborate with, vote on next month's theme, get announcements by the organizers, and hang out with others participating in the jam. Posting about your progress every day you work on your game is also a great way to keep yourself accountable and finish before the deadline. If you need support, whether technical or moral, our Discord is the place to go.

You can join our Discord server here:

What about a theme?

Since the schedule is so open, we use a monthly theme. Feel free to use it or ignore it; if you do more than one jam in the same month, you can use the same theme or try something different.

The theme for November 2023 is…

🤿 Underwater

The themes for December 2023 are…

☃️ Give an Ill-Fitting Game or Game Genre the Winter Holiday Treatment
🤥 Inconvenient Power

What were the themes of previous months?

October 2023:
Grab an Item From Your Personal Todo List and Make It the Goal of Your Game [itch.io]
September 2023:
Aetherial Realms [itch.io]
August 2023:
Creature Companions [itch.io]
July 2023:
Disco! / Too Heavy [itch.io]
June 2023:
Make a Game Where Color is a Core Mechanic [itch.io]
May 2023:
Cosmic Wonders [itch.io]
April 2023:
Trapped [itch.io]
March 2023:
The Dark Side [itch.io]
February 2023:
Where in the World is…? [itch.io]
January 2023:
Boss Fight: the Musical. [itch.io]
December 2022:
Make a Game Based on a Favorite Gift You Received as a Child / Finish One of the Games You Started This Year. [itch.io]
November 2022:
A Storm is Coming. [itch.io]
October 2022:
Hexes! [itch.io]
September 2022:
Explain a movie you like badly in a sentence or two, base your game on that (#ExplainAMoviePlotBadly). [itch.io]
August 2022:
Fin & Claw. [itch.io]
July 2022:
Pick a favorite book, make a game based on a specific chapter of that book.
June 2022:
Choose a place you have lived in. The theme of your game is something that place is known for. [itch.io]
May 2022:
Imagine a game you love is the sequel to an earlier, previously unknown, but recently rediscovered game. Make that game. [itch.io]
April 2022:
Pick a musical group you like & turn their name into the theme of your game. [itch.io]
March 2022:
Renewable Energy [itch.io]
February 2022:
Under Cover [itch.io]
January 2022:
Remake [itch.io]

Show me some Week Sauce games!

The following list links to some of the games entered into the Week Sauce jam through itch.io.

Find more by searching for the hashtag #weeksauce on your social network of choice, or join our Discord server.